Signed Installer posted for OS X El Capitan v10.11 October 1, 2015

Installer posted for OS X El Capitan v10.11.

This SmartCardServices Installer provides the Tokend bundles and cacloginconfig.plist for installation on your OS X El Capitan systems.

Starting with today’s (1 Oct 2015) release of the installer for OS X El Capitan v10.11, we are digitally signing the Installer and Tokend bundles for integrity assurance. The installer will be recognized and install properly with Gatekeeper set to default or higher and, on El Capitan, are installed in a new location “/ Library / Security / tokend” to work with System Integrity Protection (SIP) enabled.

NOTE: Installer and Tokend bundles from this project are now digitally signed. Older installers (ie. for v10.10, v10.9, …) will be re-posted, incremented to v2.1, and digitally signed. The installation location will remain as they were on the respective OS releases.

You should verify the integrity of the Tokend(s) you have installed by verifying the digital signature using the following command in Terminal:

$ codesign -dvvvv /Library/Security/tokend/<nameoftoken>.tokend

for example:

$ codesign -dvvvv /Library/Security/tokend/PIV.tokend

Your results should be similar to the following:

$ codesign -dvvvv /Library/Security/tokend/PIV.tokend/



Format=bundle with Mach-O thin (x86_64)

CodeDirectory v=20200 size=1307 flags=0x0(none) hashes=57+3 location=embedded

Hash type=sha1 size=20


Signature size=4349

Authority=Mac Developer: Shawn Geddis (6NSF8PH78P)

Authority=Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Authority

Authority=Apple Root CA

Signed Time=Sep 29, 2015, 9:06:58 PM

Info.plist entries=9


Sealed Resources version=2 rules=12 files=5

Internal requirements count=1 size=92

To ensure you have the original installer posted here and not one that has been modified, please also verify the SHA-256 hash of the .zip you download against the hash posted for the corresponding installer from the installers download page.